Ut Ego Sum Purgiato Fenestra

(when I’m cleaning windows)


Welcome to a world where ukuleles boldly go where no uke has been before. More or less.

The Ukulele Funhouse Orchestra puts together music and comedy - a journey through a rich musical landscape, meeting up with the Lone Ranger  and discovering Sgt Pepper is yet another convert to the uke. Motown, opera, classical, pop, all get the UFO treatment and fun is guaranteed.

The script tells a story, linking together all the songs which form part of the tale. Romeo and Juliet, the !0 Oclock News, and Pirates Of The Severn Estuary have provided past inspiration, and 2017 is Grandads Army. 2018 brings the Vicar of Dursley to the stage....

We were very proud to be opening the Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain on June 18 2016. This is a major event, with acts from all over the world, so we couldn’t be more delighted to have done that.


All ukulele players like to have fun, and you don’t get much more fun than this lot! The Ukulele Funhouse Orchestra – 14 ukes, bass and drums – grew out of three friends in Portishead, messing about at an open mic event in 2011 and deciding to take things further.

Following an article in the local paper, they were soon up to 12 members, including a gardener, a third Dan martial arts instructor, and the president of the Ukulele Society of Great Britain who once sold a uke to George Harrison.

They divided the orchestra into four sections, each playing distinctly different parts, and added lots of harmonies, under the musical directorship of The Mighty Zarg, and are now rollicking their way through all genres from opera to country to pop classics, adding their own unique touch to everything. They’ve been wowing audiences in Bristol and North Somerset for some time.

It’s 14 ukuleles, a bass player on the worlds first bass banjulele amongst other things, and a drummer who gives the impression of a demented poltergeist let loose in a kitchen armed with a pair of wooden spoons. And it’s loads of fun - you can’t play or listen to a uke without smiling - and we do a lot of that.

The orchestra is arranged in sections, each playing a different part, which avoids just a mass of strumming ukuleles. It’s a much better sound, and  allows that percussive sound a uke has to replicate the rhythms a drummer would provide. Our percussionist has a different role to a traditional drummer, emphasising the tune and words on a kit that expands to D-Space, where drum-space exceeds the normal physical parameters and there is always room for just one more tom tom or cymbal.

Ukulele Funhouse Orchestra is proud to support Macmillan, St Peter’s Hospice and Teenage cancer trust, plus RNLI and Penny Brohn.